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Inline Property Management

Choosing to have your property professionally managed is a big commitment. Whether it is the family home, or part of a multi-million dollar investment portfolio, you need to be sure your asset is being maintained to the highest standard.

Inline Property Management understands that a property manager is not only responsible for effectively managing your investment, but is also there to maximise the value and return of that asset in order to secure your long-term investment goals. Managing properties is a complex and demanding business that requires skill, time and knowledge in order to be done effectively, without putting yourself or your tenants in the middle of any unnecessary risk.

Over the years, we continue to refine and improve what we do, to provide our landlords with industry leading property management services, supported by ongoing learning and development for all of our staff.

“Investing and owning property provides one of the most secure platforms to grow wealth. We consider that being entrusted to manage your property is one of the most important decisions you will make. We will undertake to enhance each experience and to add value to the relationship as your Property Manager.” Carey Smith Ray White NZ CEO

Inline Property Management understands the need to ensure our client’s peace of mind by better educating all of those involved in the property management process. For that reason, we’ve developed a series of information guides to make sure all of our customers are familiar with the property management services that we provide and the various processes that we must adhere to. You can download these guides from this website.

Inline Property Management can provide you with peace of mind, knowing your property is in good hands and that we’re doing everything we can for you and your tenant – Here are a few more of the things we do:

  • Complimentary rent appraisals.
  • Professional advertising of your property across multiple online platforms to best market your property.
  • Effective and professional property viewings for prospective tenants.
  • Finding good tenants.
  • Appropriately notifying unsuccessful tenants.
  • Lodging and transferring of bonds.
During Tenancy
  • Daily rent checks.
  • Zero tolerance for rent arrears.
  • Management of regular routine inspections and follow-up reports.
  • Comprehensive property maintenance.
  • Liaising with contractors in all maintenance issues.
  • Management of cleaning and property care.
  • Management and assistance with landlords’ insurance claims.
  • Management of water rates where applicable.
  • Payment and management of property-specific invoices.
  • Rent reviews.
  • Lease renewals.
Benefits To Landlord
  • Local area knowledge and expertise.
  • Thorough, professional communication with all stakeholders.
  • Reduced travel time.
  • Ongoing stress relief.
  • Constant updates and access to industry changes and landlord requirements.
  • Risk mitigation procedures to protect you, your tenant and your property.
  • Insurance requirements are better covered through our risk mitigation procedures.
  • Access to preferred suppliers discounts from qualified tradespeople.
  • Strong relationships with reliable contractors.
  • Monthly financial reporting for landlords with easy to read statements.
  • End of financial year advice and information.
  • Tenancy Tribunal applications and attendance at hearings if required.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986
  • Health and Safety knowledge and best practice steps.
  • Smoke alarm compliance and best practice.
  • Advice on insulation requirements  and best practice steps.
  • Property recommendations to landlord based on practical experience.
  • Information on minor dwellings (i.e. what can and can’t be rented etc).
  • Budgeting advice and help for your tenants.
  • Mediation between tenants and landlords when required.
  • Educated barrier between the (sometimes) competing interests of a landlord and tenant.
  • Access to sales appraisals and advice if needed.

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